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Budget & Funding

A balanced funding structure

In many self-sustaining Village to Village communities across the country – upon which TRAIL of Johnson County is modeled – membership fees account for more than three-quarters of operating budgets.

The balance is secured through annual fund campaigns and other fundraising efforts among village members and other community stakeholders, as well as through corporate/foundation sponsorships and occasional grant funding.

Building a strong foundation

During TRAIL’s start-up phase, we called on individuals and families throughout the community to provide critical seed funding in the form of gifts and multi-year pledges. Their generous contributions enabled TRAIL to exceed its start-up campaign goal of $120,000 by several thousand dollars.

Many of these philanthropic partners, including Founding Family and TRAIL Blazer donors, are gratefully acknowledged in our Honor Roll of Contributors.

As TRAIL begins accepting members and offering services, we also will launch an ongoing annual fund campaign to provide resources to help supplement membership revenue, underwrite our Supported Membership program for income-eligible households, and enhance overall member benefits. Please contact us if you'd like to get involved!