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There’s never been a better time to join TRAIL!

If you’ve been thinking about joining TRAIL and were waiting for just the right moment, this may be it. Our 2018 year-end membership drive is now under way!

Here's why the time is right:

  • If you become a TRAIL member by Dec. 31, at either the Full or Affiliate level, we’ll send you a gift card donated by Hy-Vee or other local grocery store.
  • If you are a TRAIL member, bring a friend on board! Let us know who that friend is, and if he or she joins by the end of the year, we’ll thank and reward you with a gift card as well. With the holidays upon us, this is also a great time to talk with family members or neighbors about how TRAIL membership can enhance their lives.
  • More good reasons to sign up now: Affiliate membership fees will increase by $10/year beginning in January 2019. (Current members will not be affected until their 2019 renewal date.) If you join as an Affiliate member by Dec. 31, you’ll pay the lower 2018 rate throughout 2019. Plus, keep an eye out for new Affiliate member benefits in 2019!

TRAIL members know there’s strength in numbers. A larger TRAIL community brings more ideas, more engagement, and more diverse voices to the conversation about living our best lives at every age. Join now and experience the rewards of being part of our active and supportive community.

You’ll find information about membership levels, benefits, and fees – as well as how to join – at the Membership tab on the website, or call the office (319-800-9003) and our staff or volunteers can help. We look forward to welcoming you!