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Annual Fund

Giving For The Greater Good

As TRAIL grows to serve greater numbers of older adults throughout Johnson County, yearly contributions from members and friends are needed to strengthen the TRAIL community. Please join us as an annual fund contributor this year!

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Annual gifts help TRAIL cover yearly expenses that keep our organization healthy, from staffing and supplies to community events. Contributions from individuals and organizations like those recognized below also help underwrite our Supported Membership Program for income-eligible households. Want to learn more? Check out our annual fund FAQs.

To make supporting TRAIL even easier, consider making your annual gift via monthly withdrawals from your bank account or credit card. Click here to download the necessary form with instructions.

All contributors receive our monthly “TRAIL Guide” newsletter to keep them informed about our activities – including yearly fundraising progress. TRAIL’s long-term goal is to achieve a funding mix that is roughly 70 percent membership fees and 30 percent gifts and grants. But today, when TRAIL is still a young organization, that funding ratio is reversed. Annual fund gifts are a critical component of our revenue stream.

That’s why we’re so grateful to the annual fund contributors listed below, whose gifts to our current annual fund campaign are helping to ensure TRAIL’s financial stability this year and in all the years to come. THANK YOU!

Annual Fund Honor Roll

The donors recognized below have made gifts since May 1, 2017.

An [S] indicates a Sustaining Donor who provides ongoing support of TRAIL
through automatic bank account or credit card withdrawals.

A (CSP) designation indicates support through the TRAIL Corporate Sponsorship Program.

TRAIL Builders

(Annual gifts of $1,000 or more)

  • Caring Hands & More (CSP)
  • James Investment Group (CSP)
  • James P. Hayes
  • MidWestOne Bank (CSP)
  • Ed Rolenc
  • Alan and Liz Swanson
  • Jean Walker

TRAIL Supporters

(Annual gifts of $250-$999; *indicates gift of $500 or more)

  • Blank & McCune Real Estate Company* (CSP)
  • Jeff Davidson
  • Jeffery Ford
  • Alice and Shelly Kurtz
  • George and Phyllis Lance*
  • Michael Lewis-Beck*
  • Casey Mahon

  • Kathy Mitchell*
  • Jane McCune*
  • Marlea O'Brien
  • Melinda Pradarelli, in memory of Carolyn Hallin
  • Linda and Richard Randell*
  • Mary Stein*
  • Paul Weller and Sara Rynes Weller
  • Westwinds Real Estate Co.* (CSP)
  • Ellen Widdis*

TRAIL Explorers

(Annual gifts of $50-$249)

  • Mary and Steve Adamek
  • John and Penny Balmer
  • Bea Day Plumbers (CSP)
  • Benson & Hepker Design (CSP)
  • Virginia Blair, in honor of Jean Snow
  • Dick Blazek
  • Terry Boles
  • Richard and Phyllis Braverman
  • Peter Brokaw
  • William and Mary Lu Callahan
  • Lynne Cannon
  • Holly Carver and Lane Adkins
  • Wally and Karen Chappell
  • CHOMP Delivery Service (CSP)
  • Joseph Clayton
  • Elizabeth Clothier
  • Margaret and Michael Conroy, in memory of Carolyn Hallin
  • Jean O. Donham
  • Lorraine Dorfman
  • Bob and Maggie Elliott
  • Cynthia Fairchild
  • Faithful Companions (CSP)
  • Michael Feiss and Cathy Cole
  • Marty Fields
  • Linda Fincham
  • Gary Frakes Construction, Inc.
  • Kathy Green and Stephen Meyer
  • Diana Harris
  • Melanie and Bruce Haupert
  • Benny Hawkins
  • Shelagh Hayreh, in memory of Glenys Williams
  • Steve and Chris Hedlund
  • Walter Helms
  • Judith Hendershot
  • Dale and Kristin Hibbs
  • Dolores M. Hill
  • Jean and N. William Hines
  • Steve Hirst
  • H. D. and Myrene Hoover
  • Nancy Husted
  • John's Grocery (CSP)
  • Carolyn Jones
  • David Keeley, in memory of Maury and Kathryn Keeley
  • John and Claudia Knutson
  • Larew Law Office
  • Paula Laube
  • Gary M. Lawrenson and Linda Rice
  • Martha Lubaroff
  • Diana Lundell
  • Caryl Lyons
  • Doug and Joanne Madsen
  • Mike and Joanne Margolin
  • J. David and Diane Martin
  • Yvonne McCabe
  • Linzee and Paul McCray
  • Mary and James McCue
  • Lynn and Gordon Mennenga
  • Mike and Mitsi Messier
  • Donald and Karen Mooty, in memory of Carolyn Hallin
  • Keveen Mullendore
  • Stan Miller and Kathy Polvi
  • Alfrieta Monagan
  • Kevin and Julie Monson
  • Kristin and Alan Nagel
  • North Dodge Hy-Vee (CSP)
  • John Nothnagle
  • Bill Nusser and Betsy Boyd
  • Off-Campus Auto Repair (CSP)
  • Sharon and Bill Ogelsby
  • William Oviatt
  • The Parkinson Support Group - Iowa City
  • Beth and Jim Peterson
  • Bill Radl
  • Doug and Hillary Ramaker
  • Dell Richard
  • Janelle Rettig and Robin Butler
  • Susan Rogers
  • Ann Romanowski
  • Sandra Rosengarden
  • Jim Ruebush
  • Russ' Northside Service (CSP)
  • Gayle Sand and Jay Cayner
  • Kay Schillig
  • Stephen Selzer
  • Steve and Janie Schomberg
  • Lee Siglin, in memory of Kay and Leo Siglin
  • Sondra Smith
  • Susan Spaziani
  • Donald Stumbo and Janene Panfil
  • Marilyn Swanson
  • John Thomas
  • Thompson & Co. Salon (CSP)
  • Dvid and Joanne Tigges
  • Katrin Tiitsman
  • Carol Tippe
  • Carol Tobias
  • Dave Triplett
  • Robin Unger
  • Kerstin Van Gilder
  • Arthur and Mary Beth Wilhelm, in memory of Carolyn Hallin
  • Willow & Stock (CSP)
  • Deb and Rich Wretman
  • Nancy Youngdahl, in memory of Carolyn Hallin
  • Gail Zlatnik